floor cleaners by Karcher


Why Simpsons

A brand new machine with the right accessories to make your job as easy as possible.
No Fixed Term after the initial primary term (usually six months).
All services and repairs included in the rental price*
Priority engineering, and if needed, a free of charge loan machine.
A machine that will be working all day, every day for as long as you need it.

With today’s “just in time” production methods and companies making do with less staff to meet increasing demands, it puts a huge pressure on the equipment used in production. This is the same for busy car dealerships, transport companies and food producers. Everybody wants everything quicker!

Cleaning equipment is no different, high demands on production mean your cleaning machines need to be working, when you need them too, many companies simply can’t afford for a machine to be out of action for a day, let alone a week.

Rental Machines

Simpsons set up our All Inclusive – No Fixed Term Rental over twenty-five years ago to cater for this type of customer. What they receive is a working machine at all times. The way we do this is to have a fleet of loan machines based at our head office and Service Centres. This means that when you have a problem, if we can’t get an engineer on site to fix it that day, we will simply come out and exchange the machine. You can carry on with your cleaning regime and we can fix the problem as and when we can.

We usually put a brand new machine out on rental, but occasionally we have ex rental machines that we can use which work out cheaper.

We can offer any of our equipment on this basis, from Vacuum Cleaners, to Scrubber Dryers to Steam Cleaners. Please give Gerry or Richard a call to go through what equipment is best suited and prices on 01373 816578.

Bristol * Bournemouth * Yeovil * Salisbury * Trowbridge * Poole * Swindon * Christchurch * Blandford * Bath 

Example Rental Machines

Large HDS 18/18 -4s hot pressure washer

Heavy duty electric / diesel Steam cleaner for tough cleaning jobs for farms & transport
Karcher Bristol + Karcher Bournemouth

boxed floor scrubber

Battery powered Scrubber Dryer for hard floor areas in warehouses & factories
Hako Bristol + Hako Wiltshire

hako sweeper floor cleaning machine

Battery powered commercial sweeper for warehousing and storage facilities
Hako Dorset + Hako Hampshire

kranzle cold pressure washer quadro

Heavy Duty electric Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner for big cleaning tasks
Kranzle Bristol + Kranzle Dorset

small power washer 250 bar pressure

Honda Petrol Engined Cold Water Cleaner for the agriculture & building trades
Honda Bristol + Honda Dorset

Karcher 6/10-4c hot pressure washer

Commercial electric / diesel hot water cleaner for vehicles & general cleaning
Karcher Swindon + Karcher Yeovil