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TomCat Floor Scrubber Dryer

Simpsons are delighted to announce that we have been appointed as distributors for the American TomCat range of heavy duty Scrubber dryers and Sweepers.

TomCat is also marketed as the Factory Cat range, and Factory Cat users already know of its high quality build and reliability. Whereas most Floorcare machines have gone down the high tech electronic route, TomCat have kept as many components as possible low tech!

Instead of sensitive touch control panels that can be very expensive to replace, TomCat use big marine grade toggle and rocker switches.

The machines are built on a very heavy-duty steel chassis, which on the bigger models is doubly protected with corner buffers. Everything on them is built as simple and robustly as possible.

Our first Ride-On models has been delivered this week to a Chippenham Warehouse where it will be used on a large site to clean spilt produce and remove fork-lift truck tyre marks, it’s already doing an excellent job.  This model is the GTX34TD, a 34” Ride-On machine with huge 130 litre water tanks, this will give longer time cleaning and less time emptying and refilling.

TomCat GTX 360 Product View

TomCat GTX
"The addition of TomCat to our range is excellent. American cleaning equipment is well known for being over engineered and designed to be simple to repair without the need for electronic test equipment and laptops. As many of our larger Scrubber Dryers and Ride-On machines are used in very challenging environments. Being low tech will mean increased reliability and lower bills, which is what every one of our customers need"
Gerry Simpson
Owner of Simpsons Cleaning Machinery Specialists

Please contact us for details and prices of the TomCat range, it goes from 17” to 46” and comes in disc brush, pads, cylinder or the TomCat Edge system, any of which we are pleased to demonstrate to you.

For TomCat Enquiries Talk to Gerry or Richard on: 01373 826578

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