Kärcher Steam Cleaner Leasing

Karcher Steam Cleaner Leasing

The biggest and the best!
All for only £25.45 per week.

Kärcher HDS7/10-4M

100 BAR @ 12 LPM / 155 Deg. C.

This is the largest 240v machine in the Kärcher range and by far our best selling high pressure cleaner. A full commercial model with a big low revving 4-pole motor and a large heating coil to cope with 12 LPM water volume and heat up to 155 degrees C.

The reason we supply so many is not just the outstanding performance, but it follows a number of models which are well known for being robust and reliable, and if you are a busy farmer, a large food processor or a high turnover car dealership you simply haven’t the time for unreliable machines.

The heating coil carries a 3-year warranty and it’s got a state of the art on-board diagnostic system which really works. We can often get to the bottom of a problem over the phone simply by using the fault code and often call-outs for small issues are avoided.

The instrument layout design is simple, with separate switches for heat and chemical (twin tanks too). Standard features on this model includes automatic stop-start, chemical injection and a built in water softener system which prolongs component life.

This machine features large wheels easy mobility and there is an on-board storage compartment for tools & accessories, it also comes with the latest EASY!Force high-pressure gun and EASY!Lock quick-release locks.

Karcher Bristol HDS 7/10-4m hot jet washer
Karcher HDS 7/10

The most reliable machine on the UK market.

Big low rev motor-pump unit

Big diesel fired


Built in protection for water, electric, fuel, WSF


DEPOSIT OF £110.28   |   MONTHLY OF £110.28

All prices exclude VAT

For Leasing Enquires Talk to Gerry or Richard on: 01373 826578

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