Other Industries

We have supplied the Ministry of Defence and local Government for over thirty years, and supply them everything from vacuum cleaners for Government offices, to heavy cleaning equipment and chemicals to clean tanks and armoured cars with.

Plant and Hire companies need the heavy duty equipment that is both easy to use and very reliable and our Kärcher, Kranzle & Hako Distributorships all have equipment that fits into this category.

Due to the depth of our equipment we can find ourselves demonstrating a steam cleaner to clean the elephant house at Longleat one day and a cleaning submarine the next! This is where an in-depth knowledge of the huge array of accessories helps, and if we can’t buy it, we can usually manufacture it ourselves.

If you think that your cleaning problem is a one-off, give us a call, I’m sure in the last thirty-eight years, we have helped clean something very similar.


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